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Leading Causes of Death in Africa

A child suffering from HIV.

A child suffering from HIV.

The continent of Africa has the lowest life expectancy in the world. Average life expectancy for African men is 58 years while for women it is slightly higher at 61 years which is at least 20 years lower than those of developed countries. Deadly diseases like HIV, AIDS, Malaria and various infections have a big role to play. Millions of people lose their life due to these diseases and lack of health care facilities.

There have been significant advancements in the health care facilities in Africa, and better treatments of conditions like HIV and AIDS, life expectancy is increasing in many countries in the recent years. Although the progress is being made, still a lot has to be done. Lower life expectancy is heavily affecting the economic and social life of the people of Africa. Poverty makes it difficult for the majority of the people to access health care facilities, medication and nutritious food.

Leading Causes of Death in Africa (According to WHO): 

Rank Cause Deaths in 2012
1 HIV/AIDS 1,088,000
2 Respiratory Infections 1,039,000
3 Diarrhoea 603,000
4 Malaria 554,000
5 Stroke 437,000
6 Pre-term Birth Complications 372,000
7 Birth Asphyxia And Trauma 336,000
8 Ischemic Heart Disease 312,000
9 Protein-Energy Malnutrition 284,000
10 Meningitis 246,000

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